Rococo Psycho
Vienna, 2019

Rococo and Rococo Chinoiserie expressed the final imperial luxury both of European and Chinese art histories. It represented a rich aesthetic fusion and the last culture peace before the exaggerated capitalistic colonialism.
In the contemporary map, Europe is a small old liberal corner in the rising authoritarian /patriarchy Asia continent. The exoticism returns to the equal gaze in the distance. It reflects her post-colonial exoticism and the changing of power relationship in the contemporary culture.
By reinterpreting Rococo Chinoiserie, Tsao reflects the history of Eurasia and reconnected its issues with her personal memory.

The facade of a white body. Fragile!
Porcelain, copper, plaster, epoxy. 2019
Poppy & Phobic
Ceramic (music instrument). 2019
Foreign fine girls, how low you can go?
Ceramic, porcelain, epoxy, aluminium. 2019
The word is a plot
Ceramic, porcelain, metal. 2019