nichta lucoddy may sling yer hook
Vienna, 2019

In the internet carsey, under fantabulosa ecafs,
The intersex chavvies sent their boyno to the naked corpse.

Our friends are whispering their secrets,
we all curse the guilt before we sleep.
Nichta lucoddy may sling yer hook.

The dead man is singing his last lost.
we all learn the song when we weep.
Nichta lucoddy may sling yer hook.

Whether it is that of our king,
whether it is that of our queen,
give us the corpse hanging on the hook.

For the Dreamer of Mushroom Cloud
Epoxy, copper, print, plastic, metal. 2019
Staring the Last Night
Porcelain. 2019
Ceramic. 2019
Climbing Up! When it's Toxic!
Epoxy, copper, clay. 2019
The pleasure of the dead is to rot lying down
Epoxy, print, drawing. 2019